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DNA (Did Not Attend) Policy

The surgery is committed to providing the best service possible to all registered patients.  Patients who do not attend (DNA) booked appointments puts a strain on availabe resources and takes an appointment slot that could have been given to another patient.


Staff at the practice are responsible to ensure patients are aware of their scheduled appointments.

Patients are responsible to cancel or reschedule appointments with reasonable advanced notice.  They must advise the practice of any change to their contact details.


If a patient does not attend an appointment (DNA) for the first time, the appointment will be recorded on their medical record as a DNA and there will be no further action.

If a patient DNA’s a second appointment within a twelve month period they will be sent a First DNA letter.  This letter will explain the effects a DNA has on the practice and will explain what will happen if there were to be any further DNAs.

If a patient DNA’s a third appointment within a twelve month period, this will be discussed with the GPs and a second DNA letter will be sent to the patient.  This final letter will explain they are to be removed from the practice.